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Personal Testimonies

'"Pastor I got a call today from a couple in our church who needed groceries. So I went and got their card and went shopping for them. it was such a blessing to help them". Juleiann Whitten

Worship Testimony Experiences from Home

Anne Smith wrote in this week reflecting on our first online Service March 22th 2020

"I am a woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, body mind and soul. I am also a mother who loves her family almost as much as I love Him. I did not grow up in a Christian home but I did have Christian grandparents who had a big influence on my life. I was saved and gave my life to the Lord in my early 30s. I was baptized in the Wesleyan Church. I had a wonderful growing relationship with Jesus and was serving in the church and at Grace House. Then I lost my son, Rodney in open heart surgery, then my son Trevor in a motorcycle accident. I also had a baby grandson born with no kidneys who lived only 5 hours. I lost my daughter Sherry and her son Allen in an automobile accident. Then I lost my daughter Stacy due to emphysema and my then lost my husband Bob from a heart attack. I think part of me died with the loss of each of these that I loved so very much. To make it even worse, I lost that close relationship I had with my Lord. To make it even worse, I lost the close relationship I had with my Lord. I tried to stay ‘religious ‘- I read my Bible, attended church, but felt empty inside and my prayers felt like I was talking to myself. Then on Sunday, March 22, I was listening to the services from my church on my phone and the Holy Spirit came over me so strongly. It was assurance that He was with me and had been the whole time. It was me who had drifted away. Now I feel renewed by His presence and the assurance of His love of ‘even me’

Testimony From Trudy Adams about how others help feed the homeless on March 30th 2020

Thanks to Jane Purdy, Pastor Jenny Vander Haeghen, and Anne Smith who made a combination of 12 lbs of noodles between the three of them.

  • Jenny also put a scripture passage on the each box served to over 50 homeless people.

  • Linda Rothwell purchased cookies and two cases of water.

  • Jane also purchased two cases water.

  • Brigette and Newman Migner helped serve and picked up food and bring it to the Methodist Church.

  • New people Alex and her son Mica also helped serve, Gene Storz donated cash to help with other expenses to serve the homeless.

Homeless Ministry Helpers


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