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Our Mission

Know God; Grow Together;  Serve Together
we believe these are the primary checkpoints to guide a student toward engaging discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Know God: we believe that a Jesus follower has experienced salvation through Jesus Christ. a disciple that has experienced this kind of grace also actively wants to share their story with others. a disciple is also learning that perfect love casts out all fear, and gives us the truth, confidence, and desire to extend forgiveness to others. [salvation, forgiveness, healing, starting over, be vs. done, contagious Christianity.

Grow Together: we believe that the journey of discipleship includes regularly engaging with God and within a community of believers. communion with God involves experiencing what it means to "abide" and "abound" in their faith. they regularly pursue spiritual disciplines, mature in obedience, and shorten the amount of time from falling to getting back up and following again. also, a disciple is open to being molded by others, and experiences. [hang time with God, accountable relationships (a spiritual best friend), bible memorization, involvement in the local church, discipline of tithing, scripture study, worship]

Serve Together: we believe that all student's have been given a specific "shape" to be used for the building up of God's kingdom. a disciple is passionate about discovering, developing, and deploying their shape for God's appointed purposes. a disciple is also someone who speaks for those who have no voice and becomes an advocate of justice and compassion to a world in need of love. [spiritual gifts, heart (passion), abilities, personality, experiences.



Wednesday Night  Youth Ministry at 6:30 pm.
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