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This past week the Churches elected leadership team met with the District Superintendent about the future and the relationship continuing with us as your pastor and spouse. We are excited to continue to serve this church, the community in seeking the lost as we make disciples. As I reflect and look forward, I must say it truly is a joy to stay with one church and one people for 14 years. Becky and I love this church and this community. We just recently added Cheryl Walsh to our team as a leader to develop and minister to young pastors as a family pastor. I am truly excited to work with Cheryl as we pray and work toward reaching young unchurched families for Christ. 

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Areas of Ministry that happened in 2022 & continue into 2023

The Bridge Homeless ministry – cooking a meal and serving the homeless each 1st Monday evening. There is a sponsor cost of approx. $100 for each meal each month. We are always in need of helpers, cooks and those who can sponsor a meal. Would you be willing to sponsor one month for $100 in 2023?

The Monthly Food Ministry on campus- each month we seek out volunteers to help prepare food to give away the same day and on average we feed approximately 60 plus families a month. That’s 720 families a year. We need at least 500.00 a month to sustain this much in 2023 and desire to get to $1000 a month. Would you be willing to sponsor a month or part of a month and possibly help on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in 2023.

Foster Care Ministry. We are connected as the only church so far in Deland willing to try to meet the physical needs of foster parents In our community. Would be willing to be on the alert list when needs arise? Those needs are not every month.

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Upcoming Events
We have many Bible studies meeting around the area. Everyone is welcome!
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Who is Jesus?
Join us for this series on who Jesus said He was and how that can change our lives. The I Am series from the Gospel of John.
Iam Series
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